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Okay, so I don’t live on a farm. I’m not even a wife! But I AM a mother of two toddlers (known here as DD1 & DD2 or Angel 1 and Angel 2 or Demon 1 and Demon 2) and two teenage cats, living with an amazing and honorable partner who heroically works as a public health and policy consultant active in advocacy and making the world a better place. We center the kids in our life, filling in with our respective businesses, gardening, DIY home projects, and a healthy dose of volunteerism.

I was raised in an extremely liberal family in an extremely liberal corner of the world. I have lived in four states, visited forty-five, traveled through eight countries, and consider myself a pretty darned modern and liberated woman. And yet, I cook up to four different sets of meals a day for the four varying dietary/pickiness restrictions of our family, bake as necessary, and–little by little–am teaching myself about food preservation, fermentation, DYI home projects, gardening, sewing, Southern pest control, and all matter of general huswifery. This, of course, in between scrubbing toilets, doing dishes, folding laundry, searching out food that has escaped from the kitchen in the hands of babes, kissing booboos, providing education and entertainment to young brains, working out to try and finally lose the blasted baby weight, and actually trying to get some of my own work done.

Pretty 50s housewife / farmwife? Sure, but far more outspoken, cynical, sardonic, and a little less well-behaved. I am passionate about yoga, sexual freedom, reading, art, and sourcing local, organic, non-GMO foods while on a limited budget.

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