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A Tale of Two Salads…

A productive, but exhausting day. We went to the mobile phone store this morning to see about getting new phones, as our 2.5 year old phones have been crap since we got them and are even worse now. They didn’t have the phone I wanted in stock, so I had to come home and order it (which had the benefit of an added online discount), and will need to go back in to set up the account with the new carrier when the phone arrives. It will be nice to have a phone where the camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and volume work, the screen doesn’t strobe, and that has some space on it.

Then home to work on unpacking. I set up the bookshelf I picked up (off of Facebook Marketplace for $20) in the exercise-yoga-meditation-massage room, and then unpacked all of the books that go in there, the DVDs, décor, etc. Then I worked more unpacking the ofice supplies. And the girls’ laundry. And their room, which is already a disaster again. Nothing like toddlers to make you feel like Sisyphus. Now I hurt, but that’s probably my body being pissy with me for not going to the gym today like I was supposed to.

The girls had their “chicken pies” (the mini ones I made the other night) for dinner tonight. DD2 had to be cajoled into the few bites she took, but DD1 ate it quite happily, other than complaining about the peas…”I don’t like green things, mama!” I suppose that’s half a win. Now I’m waiting for the menfolk to get home from work. Their menu is salmon sliders with lettuce, tomato, red onion and homemade tartar sauce on Hawaiian buns and a tomato-cucumber-red onion-dairy free mozzarella-crouton salad in homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Oh, and homemade dark chocolate fudge and walnut brownies and milk for dessert. I made a bit too much dressing, so inspired by the salad a friend posted on Instagram earlier tonight, I used the kale I got at the farmer’s market, cucumbers, red onions, blue cheese, and leftover steak from earlier this week to make my own salad, which I am now happily munching away, while the sliders warm and buns toast in the oven.

Tomorrow is Monday. The gym is a necessity, as is a 30 minute drive to a nearby town in Mississippi to pick up a couple of accent cabinets (Facebook Marketplace again) in which we will store our bedroom books. And Monday will be bathroom cleaning day around here in the new schedule, I think. Then it would be terribly appropriate of me to make red beans and rice for the guys, since that’s the traditional Monday dish. I also have to do some research as the online registration system I have used for my event for years has sold out to another company, and I may need to switch. And brainstorming for more foods the toddlers will eat that will increase the variety in their diet (they would live on simple carbs, fruit, and chicken nuggets if I would let them).

I keep swearing to myself I’ll be more exciting as soon as the unpacking is done.


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