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A shout out

First, let me begin by saying neither this post nor this blog is sponsored by Snapware or Corelle Brands. The company doesn’t even know I’m writing this. This is an honest-to-goodness endorsement/gratitude post based on my own personal experience and some of the best customer service I’ve experienced in years.

Somewhere around four years ago, I purchased a set of Corelle Brands Snapware Pyrex food storage containers. As one who constantly strives to up her hippie points by being health AND ecologically conscious, I wanted to reduce plastic reusable food storage containers in our household and replace with the glass versions. Well, the Snapware lids ARE plastic. And what I found, was that over time, those plastic lids failed. Each has four tabs and some of the tabs just stopped snapping. Some of the tabs broke at the “hinge” point. And some of the edges of the lids cracked/shattered.

Loving my health-conscious and ecologically sound Tupperware replacements (and they don’t stain with tomato sauce and chili, which makes my kitchen-OCD self so happy!), I finally decided to purchase replacement lids. One night, while procrastinating instead of packing up for our recent move, I started an online search for the buggers. First stop: I found “Snapware lids”, but upon reading the fine print, found they were for the plastic containers and wouldn’t actually work for my Pyrex ones. I searched eBay next, thinking perhaps I’d find someone selling them from an incomplete set…also no luck. I did a Google search, and came across, but couldn’t seem to find any of the lids I needed there either. Finally, through the last site, I contacted customer service for Corelle Brands. I emailed late at night and explained that I was having trouble finding a source to purchase new lids to replace my broken ones and was hoping they could point me in the right direction. I had a response a day later. The representative who answered my email told me that the lids were covered by a lifetime warranty, and that if I would tell her how many and what sizes/shapes I needed, she would have them shipped out to me free of charge.

Within a day of my email back to her with a list of lids I needed replaced, I had another response as well as a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. Corelle Brands had shipped out all the lids on my list without question, proof of purchase, pictures of the failure, request for return of the damaged product, or shipping charges. The lids arrived a week later, newer versions than the ones I was replacing, but exactly what I needed. All this for a set of containers that cost me less than $30 at the original purchase.

I find myself frustrated by poor customer service and companies that like they don’t give a flying…monkey…about customer satisfaction more and more these days. After raving about this experience to several friends, I figured that I should take the time to give them some props online just as I’ve ranted about so many other experiences.

Now, back to life.


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