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A new home!


We really DO have a new home, though the title was more in reference to this new blog account. So many new homes, it seems. Let’s start at the beginning–well, I won’t bore you with the tale of a sordid night in northern California 37 years ago–the beginning of THIS chapter of life.

A little over a year ago, I arrived in New Orleans with my two girls (then 2 1/2 and 1 year old), our truck and trailer, and a moving truck with almost all of our family’s belongings after a cross-country drive from the desert. My husband moved out here five months earlier, for work, leaving me to pack up our home, close our office, and prepare our daughters in the month following the conference I produce and move across the country to a place where we had no friends, family, or history.

He selected an over-priced rental in the city convenient to his job, where the four of us lived for the past year. Almost half the size of our previous home (and without the garage we had, at twice the cost), we spent the last 13 months crammed into the apartment with no storage, where I got very creative with furniture in hopes of trying to escape the feeling that I was living in an episode of Horders.

A year later, we have just completed a move to a (somewhat) nearby country suburb of the Big Easy, and I am now working to get us all settled in. My big issue right now is focus. There are SO many priorities at the moment, and my excitement over being in a home where I can breathe means that what I really want to do are all the DIY home improvement projects filling my imagination, plant the herb garden I’ve been dreaming about, visit the U Pik farms to get all the produce to can and freeze for the next year, decorate our house…. Instead, I need to buckle down and:

  1. Finish unpacking.
  2. Get caught up on the GIANT backlog for my business.
  3. Get the budget structured and organized for our new life.
  4. Deal with tax prep for the two of us and two businesses (we got extensions because of the home search).
  5. Tackle all of the day-to-day stuff that MUST be done: cooking, cleaning, making sure the girls don’t die or waste away or feel unloved or any of that stuff you’re supposed to prevent as a responsible parent.

So hopefully, having a place to record such things will help me with that focus, and help me to organize my brain so that I can be as productive as possible with all the MUSTS, so I can get back to some of the WANTS!


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